Experiments and Modeling in Astroparticles and Cosmology

Coordinator: Alexandre MARCOWITH


The Astroparticle Modeling and Experiment (EMA) team studies astrophysical sources emitting non-thermal high-energy radiation produced by relativistic particles or cosmic rays.

The team specializes on the one hand in the study of galactic sources (supernova remnants, pulsar nebulae, massive star clusters), and on the other hand in the study of transient sources (gamma ray bursts, supernovae).

EMA team is involved in several present, FERMI, HESS and future experiments CTA, SVOM. The EMA team is also involved in the LSST project.

The team has developed a specialization ranging from instrumentation (LIDAR), data analysis (FERMI, HESS), modeling of physical processes producing high energy emission and ultimately more theoretical works dealing with acceleration and transport of cosmic rays, in particular by means of numerical simulations (using magnetohydrodynamic codes such as RAMSES, and AMR-VAC coupled to kinetic modules) and analytical calculations. More recently the team is studying the production of energetic particles of moderately relativistic energies in the environment of young stars.


Research topics

  • High-energy astrophysical explosive sources studies : supernovae, gamma-ray bursts.
  • High-energy astrophysical cosmic ray sources studies: supernova remnants, pulsar wind nebulae, massive star clusters.
  • Theory of Cosmic rays : production, acceleration, propagation. Analytical studies and numerical simulations.
  • Dark Matter and Dark Energy


IN2P3 Projects,INSU National Programs, Observations Services, others

  • Fermi, H.E.S.S., CTA, SVOM, LSST
  • Instrumental Projects: LIDAR (HESS), LIDAR RAMAN (CTA)


Team Members

  • Permanent staff
    • Johann Cohen-Tanugi (LSST, Fermi, data analysis, modeling) 
    • Justine Devin (HESS, CTA, data analysis, modeling)
    • Yves Gallant (HESS, CTA, data analysis, modeling, theory)
    • Alexandre Marcowith (theory, HESS, CTA)
    • Eric Nuss (LSST, Fermi, data analysis)
    • Mathieu Renaud (Fermi, HESS, CTA, data analysis, modeling)
    • Frédéric Piron (Fermi, SVOM, data analysis)
    • Georges Vasileiadis (HESS, CTA, instrumentation)
  • Chercheurs affiliés
    • Vincent Guillet (IAS), dust dynamics in the interstellar medium
  • Chercheur en délégation
    • Christophe Sauty (LUTH), accretion-ejection processes around young stars and compact objects
  • PhD students
    • Arthur Charlet (2018-2021, supervisers : A. Marcowith & Rolf Walder (CRAL-ENS)), Numerical studies of relativistic jets from high mass X-ray binaries.
    • Lorenzo Scotton (2019-2022, superviser : F. Prion) : Analysis and interpretation of Fermi Gamma-Ray Bursts, implications for SVOM and CTA, and contribution to the multi-messenger astronomy.
    • Valentin BRUNN (2020-2023, supervisers: A. Marcowith & C. Sauty) : Impact of energetic particles in the environment of TTauri stars.
    • Aurélia Maïolo (2020-2023, superviser : F. Piron) :   Cross-calibration of the ECLAIRs and GRM instruments, and first GRB studies at high energy with SVOM
    • Chadi Meskini (2021-2024, superviser C. Sauty & A. Marcowith) : Sources of heating in accretion-ejection processes around young stellar objects
    • Kélian Sommer (2021-2024, supervisers E. Nuss & B. Plez) : Preparation to cosmological data analysis of the LLST at Vera Rubin observatory: characterization of atmospheric absorption
  • Post-doctorant fellows
    • Anabella Araudo (2021-2023, Marie-Curie fellowship)
    • Allard jan Van Marle (2020-2022, ANR GAMALO project)
    • Atreyee Sinha (2020-2022)
  • Visitors
    • Anabella Araudo
    • Roger Blandford
    • Maria-Grazia Bernardini
    • Andrei Bykov
    • Pierre Cristofari
    • Gloria Dubner
    • Vikram Dwarkadas
    • Don Ellison
    • Elsa Giacani
    • Gwenael Giacinti
    • Claire Guépin
    • Noémie Globus
    • Marco Padovani
    • Arno Vanthieghem
  • Former members of the team
    • J.Bregeon, A.Jacholkowska, A.Falvard, F.Feinstein
  • Anciens post-doctorants
    • Nukri Komin (2005-2007)
    • Serguei Vorobiov (2009-2011)
    • Vlasios Vasileiou (2011-2013)
    • Carlos Vigh (2012-2014)
    • Marco Padovani (2014-2016)
    • Ryan Chaves (2014-2017)
    • Annabella Araudo (2017)
    • Maria-Grazia Bernardini
    • Quentin Rémy (2017-2019)
  • Former PhD ranked by thesis defense year.
    • Agneszka Pléti (stopped)
    • Sylvain Guiriec (2007)
    • Armand Fiasson (2008)
    • Christian Farnier (2009)
    • Véronique Pelassa (2010)
    • Jérémie Méhault (2011)
    • Lola Faletti (2013)
    • Diane Fernandez-Gangoso (2014)
    • Thibaut Desgardin (2015)
    • Romain Cohet (2016)
    • Manal Yassine (2017)
    • Justine Devin (2018)
    • Michelle Tsirou (2019)
    • Loann Brahimi (2020)


Team publications