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Job Offers
  • 12/2020  – Research Associate – CNRS – Section 01 – Examination 2021 – High Energy Gamma Ray Physics with CTA

In the framework of its recruitment campaign for 2021, the French CNRS offers a permanent “Chargé(e) de Recherche” (Associate Scientist) position with priority on the subject “High Energy Gamma Ray Physics with the CTA”, assigned at the Laboratoire Particules et Univers de Montpellier (LUPM). The job description states that candidates are encouraged to apply in priority, for this affiliation, on the theme of the experimental and phenomenological study of very-high-energy gamma rays with the CTA project, including taking charge of experimental developments for the MST camera, within the Expériences et Modélisation en Astroparticules team of LUPM ( ).

The application procedure is described on the CNRS competitive admission Web site ( ). Enquiries about the group’s activities may be addressed to the head of the CTA group at LUPM, Yves Gallant ( ).


  • 03/2021 –  Assistant Professor Position (tenure) – LUPM Montpellier (France)- Université de Montpellier – theoretical cosmology :

An assistant professor position is open for applications at the University of Montpellier, France. The selected applicant with be affiliated to LUPM, as a member of the theoretical physics group IFAC. He/She will also be a member of the Physics Department of the University.
Applicants should have an excellent international track record in theoretical cosmology, demonstrating a mastering of General Relativity or its non-standard extensions (possible relevant topics: primordial cosmology, inflation, dark matter or dark energy, cosmological perturbations, gravitational waves, primordial black holes, modified gravity). A significant interest in phenomelogy and observational data interpretation will be appreciated (e.g. CMB, 21 cm, supernova and galaxy surveys, LSS, GWs, etc.). The selected applicant’s expertise is expected to consolidate the scientific activities of LUPM’s IFAC group in cosmology.
Regarding teaching, applicants should demonstrate clear pedagogical skills. The selected applicant is expected to play a major role in reshaping the teaching of General Relativity and primordial cosmology at the Master level. He/She will also be significantly involved in lecturing at the undergraduate level. Teaching at the University of Montpellier amounts to a service of 192h/yr in front of students, and courses should be given in French.
More information on the application procedure can be found in the GALAXIE webpage:

Contact (and letters<=3): Julien Lavalle


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