Instrumentation Team

Manager: Patrick BRUN

Our missions:
  • Study, develop and design experimental devices and instruments to respond to requests from research groups in the laboratory.
  • Provide our instrumentation skills:
    • Electronics
    • Control / command
    • Optical
    • Microcontrollers
    • Automatic
    • Programming of Human / Machine Interfaces
    • Data processing
    • Mechanics
    • Electronic CAD
    • … and more!

Our projects

The department is involved in various international projects of instrumental particle physics and intervenes at different stage of their development: feasibility study, preliminary design, detailed design, assembly and integration.

Among these projects there are two international projects HESS and CTA, the instrumentation department has developed the pulsed calibration light sources for the different cameras of the various telescopes, an elastic LIDAR in operation on the HESS site in Namibia and a current Raman LIDAR development for CTA.


Department Members