IT department

Head : Nicolas Clementin

The missions of the IT department are :

  • Ensure the establishment and monitoring of the IT infrastructure, systems and networks, as well as user support
  • Manage, maintain, monitor and support our cloud computing infrastructure, within the Group of Scientific Interest France-Grilles and the OCEVU Labex
  • Conduct a number of development projects for astroparticles and stellar physics experiments, in the context of international collaborations (HESS, CTA, GAIA, SVOM, Virtual Observatory)
  • Manage the POLLUX database of stellar theoretical spectra and ensure access to this data via a website or through the virtual observatory infrastructure
  • Maintain and monitor the part of the distributed system of mass simulation production installed by the service at the IN2P3 Computing Center, for the international collaboration Fermi

Our Activities :

IT team members :