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Mar. 11/04/2023 14:00 Salle des Séminaires, Bâtiment 21, Etage 4

ROY Nirupam (Indian Institute of Science - Bangalore - India)
Standing on the shoulders of Giants: Atomic hydrogen 21 cm signal from the EoR/post-EoR era


The redshifted 21 cm signal from neutral hydrogen is a very useful probe of the cosmic evolution. A particularly interesting phase of this evolution is the Epoch of Reionization (EoR), when the first ionizing sources were born in the early universe. The current and the upcoming low frequency radio telescopes, like the upgraded GMRT (Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope) or the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), are expected to play a crucial role in studying cosmic evolution during the EoR and the post-EoR era, and thus addressing many important but unresolved issues. One of the challenging aspects in this regard is the fast and efficient data processing necessary for detecting the weak cosmological signal in presence of the strong, confusing foreground. However, the foreground is interesting on its own right. In this talk, I will share some of our recent efforts to study the low radio frequency foreground using data from the uGMRT, an SKA pathfinder, as stepping stones towards constraining the 21 cm signal. This work may help us to understand the near-future pathways of studying the atomic hydrogen power spectrum from the EoR/post-EoR era; it also allows us to study, in details, the properties of a large population of extragalactic sources as well as of the interstellar medium of the Milky Way.

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