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Fri 02/10/23 11:00 Salle des Séminaires, Buiding 21, Floor 4

BEGUE Damien (Department of Physics of Bar-Ilan University)
Protons in gamma-ray bursts prompt phase: emission and limits on ultra-high-energy cosmic ray production


After giving a short introduction on gamma-ray bursts (grb) prompt phase, I will discuss two aspects of the presence of protons in the jet. Firstly, I will present a model of emission based on proton synchrotron and the production of pairs via the Bethe-Heitler process. Secondly, after reviewing why grbs are good candidates to be the site of ultra-high energy cosmic ray (UHECR, around 10^20 eV) acceleration, I will show how the characteristics of grb emission constrain the maximum energy that UHECR can reach in their jet to be less than 10^19 eV for fiducial grb parameters. Finally, I will explain why a specific class of grbs, namely low-luminosity grbs, could still satisfy the constraints. However, I will show that their contribution to the total flux of UHECR is necessarily limited

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