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Thu 02/09/23 14:00 Salle des Séminaires, Buiding 21, Floor 4

HEROLD Laura (MPI Garching)
A New Constraint on Early Dark Energy using the Profile Likelihood

(LUPM/Particules, Astroparticules, Cosmologie : Théorie)


A dark energy-like component in the early universe, known as early dark energy (EDE), is a proposed solution to the Hubble tension. While in an MCMC analysis, the EDE model is disfavoured by Cosmic Microwave Background and large-scale structure data, a frequentist profile likelihood analysis prefers consistently larger amounts of EDE and with that a Hubble constant consistent with low-redshift probes. The difference between MCMC and profile likelihood can be explained by prior volume effects in the MCMC analysis. I will describe how a frequentist profile likelihood yields important complementary information compared to a Bayesian MCMC analysis.

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