- MW , Dark Matter and aμ in the NMSSM

Author(s): Ellwanger Ulrich, Hugonie C.(Corresp.), Domingo Florian(Corresp.)

(Document without bibliographic reference) 2022-09-05


We study regions in the parameter space of the NMSSM which are able to simultaneously explain the current measured values for the W mass MW and the muon anomalous magnetic moment aμ, and provide a dark matter relic density consistent with the observations as well as constraints from detection experiments. The corresponding regions feature light charginos, sleptons and staus in the 100-600 GeV range, at least some of them with masses below 150 GeV such that the electroweakly-interacting SUSY particles generate sufficiently large contributions to MW. The LSP is always singlino-like with a mass below 140 GeV, and could possibly remain invisible even at future detection experiments. De- cays of electroweak sparticles proceed through cascades via staus and/or sleptons which makes their detection challenging. The lightest CP-even scalar may have a mass in the 95-98 GeV range with, however, modest signal rates in view of the mild excesses reported in this range at LEP and by CMS at the LHC.