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(70) Production(s) of SCRIBANO Y.

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+ Vibrational frequency shift calculations of molecular hydrogen inside clathrate hydrates as a probe of intermolecular potentials

Author(s): Scribano Y.(Corresp.)

(Seminars) Rutgers University, Physics Department (Newark, US), 2023-10-27

+ Rovibrational states calculations of the H$_2$O–HCN heterodimer with the Multiconfiguration Time Dependent Hartree method doi link

Author(s): Tajouo teal Hervé, Quintas-sánchez Ernesto, Dubernet Marie-lise, Scribano Y., Dawes Richard, Gatti Fabien, Ndengué Steve(Corresp.)

(Article) Published: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 25 p.31813–31824 (2023)

+ Machine learning prediction of state-to-state rate constants for astrochemistry doi link

Author(s): Bossion D., Nyman Gunnar, Scribano Y.(Corresp.)

(Article) Published: Artificial Intelligence Chemistry, vol. 2 (2024)

+ Coping with the node problem in resonant scattering simulations using quantum trajectories: an efficient and accurate combined analytical-numerical scheme doi link

Author(s): Dupuy L., Scribano Y.(Corresp.)

(Article) Published: The European Physical Journal. Special Topics, vol. 232 p.1871–1883 (2023)

+ Making sense of transmission resonances and Smith lifetimes in one-dimensional scattering: the extended phase space quantum trajectory picture doi link

Author(s): Dupuy L., Parlant Gerard, Poirier Bill, Scribano Y.(Corresp.)

(Article) Published: Chemical Physics, vol. 572 p.111952 (2023)

+ Probing intermolecular potential of hydrogen clathrates from high dimensional quantum simulations

Author(s): Scribano Y.(Corresp.), Lauvergnat David

Invited Conference: Journées Hydrates 2022 (Rueil-Malmaison, FR, 2022-11-29)

+ Contribution de l’effet tunnel à la réactivité chimique: une approche par trajectoire quantique

Author(s): Dupuy L.(Corresp.), Scribano Y.

Conference: RCTF 2022 (Bordeaux, FR, 2022-06-27)

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