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(4) Production(s) of year 2023

+ Misalignment of the outer disk of DK Tau and a first look at its magnetic field using spectropolarimetry arxiv link

Author(s): Nelissen M., Mcginnis P., Folsom C.P., Ray T., Vidotto A.A., Alecian E., Bouvier J., Morin J., Donati J.-F., Devaraj R.

(Article) Published: -Astron.astrophys., vol. 670 p.A165 (2023)
Links openAccess full text : arxiv

+ Coping with the node problem in resonant scattering simulations using quantum trajectories: an efficient and accurate combined analytical-numerical scheme

Author(s): Dupuy L., Scribano Y.(Corresp.)

(Document without bibliographic reference) 2023-02-01

+ Measuring line-of-sight shear with Einstein rings: a proof of concept doi link

Author(s): Hogg Natalie b., Fleury Pierre, Larena J., Martinelli Matteo

(Article) Published: Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society, vol. p.5982–6000 (2023)
Links openAccess full text : arXiv

+ Analytical insight into dark matter subhalo boost factors for Sommerfeld-enhanced $s$- and $p$-wave $\gamma$-ray signals doi link

Author(s): Facchinetti G., Stref M., Lacroix T., Lavalle J., Pérez-Romero Judit, Maurin David, Sánchez-Conde Miguel

(Article) Published: Journal Of Cosmology And Astroparticle Physics, vol. 2023 p.004 (2023)
Links openAccess full text : arxiv