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Team: LUPM/Particules, Astroparticules, Cosmologie : Théorie
Room: 19, Floor: 1, Build.: 13

Research Topics:
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Last scientific productions :
+ Classification of gamma-ray targets for velocity-dependent and subhalo-boosted dark-matter annihilation doi link

Author(s): Lacroix T.(Corresp.), Facchinetti G.(Corresp.), Pérez-romero Judit(Corresp.), Stref M.(Corresp.), Lavalle J.(Corresp.), Maurin David(Corresp.), Sánchez-conde Miguel a.(Corresp.)

(Article) Published: Journal Of Cosmology And Astroparticle Physics, vol. p.021 (2022)

+ Analytical insight into dark matter subhalo boost factors for Sommerfeld-enhanced $s$- and $p$-wave $\gamma$-ray signals doi link

Author(s): Facchinetti G., Stref M., Lacroix T., Lavalle J., Pérez-Romero Judit, Maurin David, Sánchez-Conde Miguel

(Article) Published: Journal Of Cosmology And Astroparticle Physics, vol. 2023 p.004 (2023)
Links openAccess full text : arxiv

+ Tidal stripping of dark matter subhalos by baryons from analytical perspectives: disk shocking and encounters with stars

Author(s): Facchinetti G.(Corresp.), Stref M.(Corresp.), Lavalle J.(Corresp.)

(Document without bibliographic reference) 2022-01-21

+ In-depth analysis of the clustering of dark matter particles around primordial black holes. Part I. Density profiles doi link

Author(s): Boudaud Mathieu, Lacroix T., Stref M.(Corresp.), Lavalle J.(Corresp.), Salati Pierre(Corresp.)

(Article) Published: Journal Of Cosmology And Astroparticle Physics, vol. p.053 (2021)

+ Statistics for dark matter subhalo searches in gamma rays from a kinematically constrained population model: Fermi-LAT-like telescopes doi link

Author(s): Facchinetti G.(Corresp.), Lavalle J.(Corresp.), Stref M.

(Article) Published: Physical Review D, vol. 106 p.083023 (2022)