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Thu 11/30/23 14:00 Salle des Séminaires, Buiding 21, Floor 4

AUCLAIR Pierre (UC Louvain)
Gravitational Wave observations with PTA: Can cosmic strings explain the signal?

(LUPM/Particules, Astroparticules, Cosmologie : Théorie)


Tue 12/05/23 14:00 Salle des Séminaires, Buiding 21, Floor 4

FLEIG Timo (LCPQ, University Paul Sabatier)
Low-Energy Probes of Charge-Parity Violation and the Search for New Physics



Tue 12/05/23 15:30 Salle des Séminaires, Buiding 21, Floor 4

ALKHATEEB Mohammed (CY Cergy Paris University)
Klein Tunneling for Fermions and Bosons in First and Second Quantization: Space and Time Resolved Approaches


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+ Correlations between laboratory line lists for FeH, CrH, and NiH and M-star spectra collected with ESPaDOnS and SPIRou doi link

Author(s): Crozet P., Morin J., Ross A. j., Bellotti S., Donati J. f., Fouqué P., Moutou C., Petit P., Carmona A., Kóspál A., Adam A. g., Tokaryk D. w.

(Article) Published: Astronomy & Astrophysics, vol. 679 p.A116 (2023)
Links openAccess full text : arXiv

+ Optical and near-infrared stellar activity characterization of the early M dwarf Gl 205 with SOPHIE and SPIRou doi link

Author(s): Cortes-zuleta P., Boisse I., Klein B., Martioli E., Cristofari P. i., Antoniadis-karnavas A., Donati J. -f., Delfosse X., Cadieux C., Heidari N., Artigau E., Bellotti S., Bonfils X., Carmona A., Cook N. j., Diaz R. f., Doyon R., Fouque P., Moutou C., Petit P., Vandal T., Acuna L., Arnold L., Astudillo-defru N., Bourrier V., Bouchy F., Cloutier R., Dalal S., Deleuil M., Morin J.

(Article) Published: Astronomy & Astrophysics, vol. 673 p.A14 (2023)

+ The magnetic field and multiple planets of the young dwarf AU Mic doi link

Author(s): Donati J-f, Cristofari P., Finociety B., Klein B., Moutou C., Gaidos E., Cadieux C., Artigau E., Correia A. c. m., Boue G., Cook N. j., Carmona A., Lehmann L. t., Bouvier J., Martioli E., Morin J., Fouque P., Delfosse X., Doyon R., Hebrard G., Alencar S. h. p., Laskar J., Arnold L., Petit P., Kospal A., Vidotto A., Folsom C. p.

(Article) Published: Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society, vol. 525 p.455-475 (2023)